John R Sass Ph.D.


1276 MCCONNELL DRIVE, SUITE C, Decatur , GA - 30033

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Neuropsychology from neighborhood cities


Dr. Nick A Defilippis

990 Hammond Dr NE Suite 730, Atlanta , GA - 30328
Phone: 770-730-9930
Specialty: Neuropsychology

Lauren A Buono PhD

5455 Meridian Mark Rd Ste 200, Atlanta , GA - 30342
Phone: 404-785-3689
Specialty: Neuropsychology

William Hamilton PHD

1001 Johnson Ferry Rd NE , Atlanta , GA - 30342
Phone: 404-785-2854
Specialty: Neuropsychology

Dr. Joanne Green Ph.D.

1760 Century Blvd NE , Atlanta , GA - 30345
Phone: 404-909-9455
Specialty: Neuropsychology

Kathleen M Otoole PhD

1001 Johnson Ferry Rd NE , Atlanta , GA - 30342
Phone: 404-250-2849
Specialty: Neuropsychology


David S. Cantor Ph.D.

6015 State Bridge Rd #12206, Duluth , GA - 30097
Phone: 770-813-0404
Specialty: Neuropsychology
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